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Planet Love Match is a powerful new communications platform that makes your life easier allowing you to narrow your focus to a very small niche of like-minded people from a wide range of cultures and ethnicities. Planet Love Match lets you to remove any incompatible members and allows you to connect with just the few qualified people who are your best possible matches .. . No matter where they are!
Fast, efficient matching
Planet Love Match is to simplify the process of finding the right match. Not only will you be able to find the people you are most compatible with, but you will find them faster and wherever they are. Singles'm used to sites that hope to lose them during the search and is designed to serve their own commercial interests. We are the motor and an interaction force users with all the right communication tools.
Global Dating Pool
Have you ever wondered if there was any place on this planet where there was your soulmate  for you? a person so well suited to you that the two of you would immediately feel soul mates? What if the distance was not an obstacle to finding true one love? Planet Love Match gives you singles singles a way to safely expand their dating pool and meet sexy girls from all over the world.
No monthly fees
free dating site members have access to a dynamic social networking platform that consists of easy to use video features and highly customizable search filters that help you to search for girl by age, appearance, culture, religion and even political affiliation. Plus, our flexible pay-as-you-play charging means that you avoid the nasty recurring monthly membership fees by controlling exactly how much or how little, you use the service.
Privacy, no ads
Planet Love Match offers total control over their security, privacy, and user experience. We go to great lengths to protect our members' identities and private information. We do not sell your personal information to advertisers and is committed to having a banner experience.
Earn While You Date
Earn money when other people use the credits to interact with you. if you are an affiliate, you earn double points in the credits your referrals make! These points can be redeemed for credits, prizes or even money! With no references, you can make money online